My Soul Sings

by Jonathan Headley

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released October 3, 2015

Thank you:
To my new and old friends and amazing musicians who made this music beautiful with your creativity.
To Jon, for being amazing at everything, and bringing the dream to life.
To Lauren, who carried this recording on her back with beauty and grace.
To my children, for dancing and drumming and worshipping loudly before anyone else did.
To my friends Brian and Jeremy, who faithfully hounded me these many years to keep the dream alive.
To my parents, for birthing me and this with their financial and faith support. To other anonymous donors for the same.
To Andrew, for sitting to listen and weep a while.
To Jesus, for whom my broken heart is poured out in music and words as an offering of love. All this is for You.

Jonathan Headley: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Lauren Headley: background vocals
Jon Anderson: background vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, synth, organ, xylophone, hammered dulcimer (Heaven’s Reign), glockenspiel and everything else
Sam Heard: drums, percussion, tambourine, shaker
Brian Chan: cello, piano, hammered dulcimer (I Am Your God)
Gang vocals: Elijah Goerzen, Janette Horrocks, Jocelyn Crandell, Sarah Farion, Shannon Pauls, Sheena Wardrope, Vince Bacon (Brilliant God, My Soul Sings, Heaven’s Reign)



all rights reserved


Jonathan Headley Maple Ridge, British Columbia

Jonathan is a passionate song writer who enjoys pouring out his heart before God in song. He spends most of his time playing his music for 5 small fans who dance, drum, and sing loudly to anything he plays. And he is loved by a beautiful woman who told him to dream. ... more

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Track Name: Brilliant God
Before the world began,
You were there
Breath entered into man,
You were there
As light became the dawn,
You were there
And earth became a song

A people crying out,
You were there
A pillar and a cloud,
You were there
To set the prisoners free,
You were there
Parting waters of the sea

Brilliant, You are God,
Creator of all things
Shining like the sun
Reflect in me
Glorify Your name, Jesus
I cannot look away

We are calling out,
You are here
Letting go of doubt,
You are here
For the fire and the rain,
You are here
Shake all that remains
Track Name: My Soul Sings
Ground’s been dry an age
Desert blooms are waiting
My bones weary laden
Wandering in vain

Road’s been hard to see
Morning hasn’t broken
Lost in journey mired
Youthful hearts grow tired

But my soul thirsts and my soul sings
Satisfied under Your wings
I have tasted I have seen
Your great love has captured me
Your great love has shattered me

I’ve been long divided
World worn to the bone
Passion’s flame’s been lost
My compromises cost

Make me Yours, make me Yours
Make me Yours, make me Yours

I am Yours, ever, only
I am Yours, always, holy
I am Yours, hold and break me
I am Yours, take and send me
Track Name: Jordan's Song
Jesus, You alone can heal
My hope, my rock, and shield
Jesus, You alone can save
My love, my light and way
Your Kingdom come, today

I have touched Your cloak
Grasped the hem in hope
Trusting You would know
I have called Your name
‘Mercy, Son of David’
Hoping You would hear

I have run to You
My brother in a tomb
Knowing You were good
I have touched Your hands
The wounds that conquered death
Believing once again

Let faith rise, mountains move
Kingdoms shake, darkness break
Let healing flow, today we cry
Hear the shout, oh God arise!
Track Name: Teach Me
Teach me how to love
Teach me how to pray
Teach me how to give myself away
Teach me how to live
Teach me how to die
Teach me how to find in You my life

I’m laying down, I’m letting go
At the foot of the cross
I’m giving up, giving you control
At the foot of the cross

Teach me how to burn
Teach me how to shine
Teach me how to change water into wine
Teach me how to trust
Teach me how to see
Teach me how to hear Your voice in me

As it is, in heaven
Let it be in me, in me
Track Name: I Am Your God
When the night is dark
Enemies press hard
Should your courage fail
I am your God

When the storm is loud
And the breakers roar
Should your heart afraid
I am your God

Run to me, run to me,
Run to me, I am your God

I have never failed
Never let you fall
Should you doubt, my love
I am your God

I am your Strength, I am your Rock,
I am your Saviour, I am your God
I am your Light, I am your Song,
I am the Morning, I am your God
Track Name: Blow
Spirit of God, I confess
I have tried to deceive,
I have quenched, I have grieved

Spirit of Truth, change my heart
Bring me to grief and grace
Repentance and faith

Blow into me
Like the wind blows the trees
Crash over me
Like the waves from the sea

Spirit of Life, I confess
I have tried to exist
On my talents and gifts

Spirit of Power, demonstrate
Come and transform me now,
Only You know how

Blow into me
Like the wind blows the trees
Crash over me
Like the waves from the sea
Burn every part
Like the lover burns the heart

Spirit of the Living God
Fall on me

Spirit of Wisdom, course correct
Come in and light my way, illuminate
Track Name: Ravish Me
There are days, I find the light
That once burned bright, seems dim
And I wait for dawn to break
Bringing mercies for each day

And then You come and darkness fades
In the light of streaming grace
And You come like summer rain
Bringing hope, breaking chains

Ravish me, Holy Trinity
Bend Your force to break
My battered heart and
make it new

There are days, I think too small
Afraid to move or dream at all
And I’m torn with who I am
and who I know You are

Capture me so I’ll be free
Burn and breathe and shine
Your endless love to
find me here
Track Name: Broken Bread
I am coming to the cross
with all my shame all my loss
I carry my unanswered questions,
wounds this weary world has wrought

At the cross, at the cross

There’s broken bread for broken lives
Your body crushed to bring me life
I drink the cup, the wine, the blood,
Your death has done what I could not

I am coming to the cross
where mercy triumphed, darkness lost,
where justice fell in drops of blood
and sin stained hearts cleansed in the flood

There’s broken bread for broken lives
Your body crushed to bring me life
I drink the cup, the wine, the blood,
You are good, You are enough
Track Name: Song for the Soul
To my soul, why cast down?
To my soul, soul I sing,
To my soul, to my soul, this I sing:

Praise the King, the Name of names
And hope again
Lift your gaze, to His face
To His face, oh my soul

Awaken now, rise with me,
Oh my soul, you’re redeemed
And set free, deep to deep
Rise and sing
Track Name: Psalm 61
Lead me, oh lead me, to the rock, to You
It’s higher, it’s higher, it’s higher than I

Hear my cry, listen to my prayer
I call to You, my heart is faint
You have been a tower,
My refuge from the foe
My refuge from the foe

Hear my cry, listen to my prayer
I have longed to dwell in Your house
To shelter in Your wings,
With those who fear Your name
With those who fear Your name

I will ever sing (Praise to Your name)
Day after day (I’ll follow in Your ways)
Track Name: There Is a Love
I’m laying down all my burdens
All the love I’ve tried to earn
At Your feet, at Your feet

I’m laying down all my fears
Dreams held ransom through the years
At Your feet, at Your feet

There is a love, oceans wide
There is a grace, strength for the night
There is a yoke, easy and light
And a Kingdom coming soon,
It’s Your Kingdom breaking through

I’m laying down all my pain
Words unspoken in my shame
At Your feet, at Your feet

I’m laying down all my pride
My want of glory in man’s eyes
At Your feet, at Your feet
Track Name: Heaven's Reign
Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory
Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, the Glory
Forever, forever, amen

Hell does not prevail,
Darkness does not win
Saints rise up in faith
We have won, we have won

Heaven’s reign endures
At the cross made sure
We will overcome
By our words and by His blood

Clouds anticipate
The coming of the King
Saints stand without shame
In victory, in victory